Biz Kidz Camps

Field Trip Day

We're so excited to announce our first Field Trip Day.

We will be taking a group of young entrepreneurs and rising stars to MY Shower Door. They'll get to hear from owner and entrepreneur Bill Daubmann as he talks about how he built the largest manufacturing business in Southwest Florida. It's a great opportunity for kids 7-18 to see how even the youngest people can make big changes in their communities.

The Biz Kidz Camp is a free camp that teaches kids how to be successful young entrepreneurs through hands-on activities, markets, speakers, and field trips. The goal is to help kids learn how to start their own businesses.

Sorry This Class is Full.

You can still register but you will be on a waiting list if someone can't attend. We are working on setting up more events like this. Please register and you will get notified of the next event.

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